The heart of Kyoto.

Imperial Palace, Manga Museum buckwheat.

HealthTrail MassageRoom,

we will welcome you with japanese traditional Shiatsu massage.

HealthTrail Massage Room enhances the vitality of your mind and body through traditional Shiatsu massage of Japan.


Shiatsu massage removes the fatigue substance and regains blood flow to muscles muscles. It also frees the nerve from oppression of muscles by softening hard muscles.


In Oriental medicine, mind and body are considered as a whole. Keeping condition of your body is to keep your mind health and happy!

Open am11:00 to pm8:00

irregular holidays

Please make a reservation if it is possible by the day before you would like to have massage.

Please write either in English or Japanese.

Shiatsu massage menu:

Partial massage to the deep portion of the body (30 min)

2,300 yen (tax included)

In this course, you can choose part of your body for concentrated massage to release your pain. If you have only short period of time to spend for massage this is the one we recommend.


 Overall body massage to the deep portion of the body (60 min)

4,500 yen (tax included)

In this course, our massage firmly reaches to your body.


We recommend this course to people under daily pain especially people with back pain or pain shoulders.


 Overall body massage to the deep portion of your body (90 min)

6,500 yen (tax included)

For hard working people and for those with fatigue, if you have serious pain or want your whole body to be fully relaxed, this is the course we recommend.


In this course, we will take the finest care of your body with a reasonable price.


Overall body massage to the deep portion of your body (120 min)

8,500 yen (tax included)

Our therapist treats your whole body to improve bad condition of your body .

Therapist finds your problem and follows it until fixed. I'm sure you will be very satisfied.

It is the most recommended course!


"You do not have to take off your clothes when being massaged. However we recommend you to wear a comfortable clothes."


"Please note we give massage one by one and do not offer two persons massage simultaneously."


 "Please also note we accept cash only."

How to Book:

E-mail: (English available)

Reservation site:

(Japanese only)


 090-9697-7255 (Japanese only)


For your reservation, please send us an e-mail at least one day before your massage.


Please include the course (30min, 60min, 90min, 120min), name, date and time, and your contact e-mail address or phone number.


We will contact you upon receiving your reservation.


Business hours: 11: 00am-8: 00pm (Irregular holidays).

Introduction of staff:

Nice to meet you. My name is Tai.I am in charge of the treatment.


Did you know that visually impaired person is involved in shiatsu massage more than 400 years in Japan?Because the visually impaired person’s fingertips are sensitive, so they will be able to know the trouble of the body to a more accurate. Now we have the person who engaged in the work of Shiatsu even if there is no impaired vision, but visually impaired person has a lot working even now.


And similarly, I am also a visually impaired person. Moreover, I have a national qualification of Shiatsu massage.To obtain this qualification, requires study and training of more than three years.It is difficult to take the qualification, so people who have qualified are few.If you are going to receive treatment in Japan, it is recommended that you confirm the presence or absence of a national qualification for safety.



And I hope everyone around the world to experience my shiatsu massage to become a smile. I am welcome you in my skills and my sincerity.We are looking forward to welcoming everyone.



A 5-minute walk from the subway Karasuma Oike Station

If taxi, please tell the driver as 「室町二条上る東側」 "Muromachi Nijou agaru higashigawa".

It is very close to the Manga Museum!




Sairin-kan 2F

HealthTrail MassageRoom




ヘルストレイル マッサージルーム

HealthTrail MassageRoom is a 5-minute walk from Subway Karasuma Oike Station.


There is a calm space, which is the traditional wooden architecture of the Kyoto of "Machiya", you can spend a pleasant special time.It is a building of the remains of the old days. And treatment in the second floor of "Machiya". Please be careful not to hit your head because the entrance of the ceiling is low. Also, please take off your shoes in front of the stairs.And when you walk on the floor of the tatami, you should feel that I'm sure feels good.



However, because it is old wooden, the sound will be heard from outside.Children's voices through the outside, the voice of the first floor of shoppers, and also the sound of the trumpet of “tofu”. Old Kyoto living person does not separate the inside and out completely from the old days. So please try to spend a time in the same way as Kyoto residents.While listening to the sound of the city of Kyoto, I hope you to spend a nice time by shiatsu massage.